Le man's 100 th 24 hours race in France 2023

 The race takes place on the Circuit de la Sarthe, a combination of permanent racetrack sections and public roads.

Hours race:


As the name suggests, the race lasts for 24 hours non-stop.from evining to next day evining.Drivers compete in teams of two or three, taking turns driving throughout the race.

Le man's

Circuit de la Sarthe: 

The track layout includes a mix of fast straights, chicanes, and slower corners, including the famous Mulsanne Straight, where cars can reach incredible speeds. The track is approximately 13.6 kilometers long.


The race features multiple classes of cars competing simultaneously. The two main classes are the prototype class and the grand touring (GT) class. The prototype class includes LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype 1) and LMP2 cars, while the GT class consists of GT Pro and GT Am cars.

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The Le Mans 24 Hours race has first time organised in 1923.

Manufacturer competition:

 The race is known for fierce competition between various automobile manufacturers. 

Le Mans Prototype (LMP): 

LMP cars are purpose-built race cars specifically designed for endurance racing. Cars has advanced aerodynamics, making them the fastest and most advanced cars on the track.

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GT Cars: 

GT cars are based on road-legal production models modified for racing. These cars resemble high-performance sports cars that are available for purchase. GT racing provides an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their production vehicles' performance and reliability.

Spectator experience:

 The Le Mans 24 Hours race attracts a large number of audience from around the world. Fans can enjoy the race from grandstands, campsites, and viewing areas along the track.

Le man's


 the drivers running across the track to their cars at the start, the sound of sirens signaling the end of each hour, and the famous trophy ceremony at the end of the race.

The Le Mans 24 Hours race is an extreme test of endurance, speed, and strategy for  drivers and teams. It continues to captivate motorsport enthusiasts with its history, excitement, and the challenge it presents to competitors.

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